About Us

David means beloved; Solomon means man of peace.

Our Story

Chemistry. Leadership. Communication.

our talents

The gift you are given is to be used. Our combined talents each other to infuse. 

Our works and our inspirations..

About us

We are a body of individuals committed to learning, sharing and  writing.

We believe the power of words will shape and inspire the way to live, work and play. As writers, we seek to be responsible in our actions, accountable in our behavior and intentional in our delivery. We believe two is better than
one and as a group we seek to supply and support each other with the tools and resources for us to deliver quality content.

How it All Started…

“I wanted a name that would recognize two of the Bible’s best-known poets. But also, be a standalone name like that of an individual and David Solomon just had that ring to it.”

– Jacqui Henry, Co-Founder of David Solomon.

The Conversation

It all started at the kitchen table over a cup of tea. Jacqui shared the story of a group of individuals meeting to speak and sharing their poetry. 

The Inspiration

As Jacqui shared the story, Stephen was drawn into the moment. He could sense the energy and excitement. Let’s then create a team of writers.  

The Name

“What would we call the group?” Stephen said. “David Solomon”, was the response. Without hesitation we both said yes, and David Solomon Writers was born.

The Meeting

What would a group be without members? A core group of individuals were identified. A meeting date set. Our guiding document created.  

December 29, 2019 marked the start of a new journey for our team. 

We are David Solomon Writers.

We Write Together. We Share Together.

Our Mastermind Fundamentals

We collaborate to produce work as David Solomon Writers. Individual work is also encouraged. To support this, time is allotted in our monthly meetings to facilitate the sharing of each writer’s work. This is also designed to provide opportunities to challenge and encourage accountability amongst members. 

A presentation and interview is used to draw on what the writer is doing and how we can help. The member uses a guided outline to prepare for this session. 

The key is to instill the importance to be deliberate, intentional and action oriented.

group chemistry is everything

 Our members share the same goals. In addition, we are friendly, motivated and sincerely desire to help others succeed

the leader needs to be well organized

Each member is recognized as a leader. This is defined by skills of diplomacy, time management, excellent follow-up, and an ability to listen closely.

ground rules provide clarity

Our members know upfront what’s expected of them in terms of attendance, participation, and maintaining confidentiality

An Agenda keeps things on track

Flexibility and adaptability is important. As such, we foster a conversational style guided by an agenda. 

Our Team

We are David Solomon Writers. Our word starts with each of us individually and is expressed collectively, ultimately to be shared globally.






Sandra Turgott


Founding Member



Founding Member



Founding Member



Founding Member

A few things we enjoy

Writing is our passion. We have amazing fun doing it. It is this fun that stimulates our creativity and allows us to create amazing content for you to read.


Games allow us to play and open up the creative size of our brain.  It also helps us to be vulnerable with each other. 

Word of the Day

We challenge each other to keep writing by starting with the word of the day. This is often a stretch as we also have to be creative in the use of the words. 


We are writers. As such crafting a good story is our greatest challenge. However, that story is told, our words seek to draw you out into a new space.


If you are not inspired, we will go back to the drawing board. This is our goal and our drive.


We write together and we share together. Here are some of our writings. 

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We write together. We learn together. We share together.

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