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Our world is so filled with fear, it is no wonder we live in isolation. If you are home and there is a knock on the door, can you just think of all the things that go through your mind in that split moment? Now that’s your side of the door.

I wonder what’s happening on the other side of the door. For the person to have the courage to knock and then wonder if the door will open and if it is open what will the reaction be.

What seems like a simple case of a door, a knock suddenly does not seem so simple at all. Well, fortunately for me it turned out well and here’s how.

It was 5 pm and I had just finished a hearty meal. I outdid myself today. I decided to take the garbage out to the dumpster. On the way back, I had the brilliant idea of taking the stairs. The part really due to me being claustrophobic and not wanting to take the elevator and the other part wanting to see if I could make the trek for the first time.

As I progressed through each floor, my ever stimulated senses were capturing the newly painted gray floors and white walls.

The climb was progressing well and I was feeling fine, then suddenly I felt it. My mind quickly shifted from observing my surroundings to trying to figure out what to do. I felt trapped between the walls that projected closed corridors with no way out. I was falling and there was no one around. Slowly my body started to search for air as I felt like there was not enough oxygen. I needed help. I needed someone.

I exited the stairwell and for a moment thought about going to the elevator to make it up to my place. However, I was not in any state for that. So I moved into action and started to knock.

Now how do you spell the sound of my knuckles hitting a really hard wooden door? Well, you got the picture. I did this twice on the first door. No response. I moved over to the next and knocked again. Then it open. “Yes”, he said.

“Can I have a drink of water”, I said. “Wait a minute, while I get it”, he responded and closed the door. I sense the hesitation in his voice as he saw this total stranger, barely standing at his door and gasping for breath. He came back and handed me the bottle of water and I started to drink, as I slowly navigated my body to the floor.

While I was still mentally assessing my physical state I was glad to just hear another person’s voice and had a sense of assurance in that moment for what I needed. We talked for a while as I made my introduction. I offered him my name and told him my suite number.

My breathing started slowing down and my body began to relax again. He invited me in to sit. I went in and sat and we talked some more.

At that moment, I gathered so much about this total stranger than I even know about individuals who I’ve known for years. We engaged in conversation from work, family background, politics, community, and condo living. An hour later, I made a friend. From a knock to an open door. All fear was dispelled.

When you are in a situation, it never fails to forget about fear and live in hope. For it is all we have as human beings, to hope that on the other side of the door, there is someone that will open and let us in.

So when you knock or when you open, look at hope and find the favour. For us to knock is for a reason, every open door is the start of a new season. Keep knocking and for the life of someone else, open the door.

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  1. Everyday common things or actions make for great opportunities! May we always live in hope! Thank you for the reminder.

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